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Visual Sexual Preference Test (VSP) + Burke Sexual Fantasy Scales (BSF)

Visual Sexual Preference Test (VSP) + Burke Sexual Fantasy Scales (BSF)

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The Visual Sexual Preference Test (VSP) is an ipsative based psychological test designed to statistically produce a rank order of sexual interests specific to the person being evaluated. The VSP can be utilized with males, females, and adolescents.as part of an initial evaluation and for later readministration to test treatment efficacy. The client views 100 images of men, women, and children across two racial categories to indicate what they determine to be the correct age category for each stimulus image. They then view the same images a second time, and indicate which images they find sexually attractive or repulsive. One difference between the VSP and other viewing time measures is that there is no category for 15, 16 and 17 year olds because one cannot accurately determine if a person is 15 or 18 in most cases. 

Additionally, the Burke Sexual Fantasy Scales  (BSF) are included with each VSP administration. The BSF includes two validity scales, a cognitive distortion scale, and a substance abuse scale as well as the primary 18 Paraphilia scales. The BSF calculates the ratio of paraphilic behavior vs. paraphilic fantasy for an Fantasy Awareness Quotient. The typical time to complete the VSP and BSF is about 30 to 40 minutes and provides easy to read data graphs that can be cut and pasted into your reports. 


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